About the Climate Justice Programme Inc

The Climate Justice Programme (CJP) is an independent non-profit programme that uses the law to expose environmental and human rights issues relating to climate change. We are a group of lawyers, academics and campaigners who support the development and execution of strategic initiatives to address climate change. We seek to raise awareness and engagement in climate law through long standing global networks of lawyers and international organisations. The CJP is the only programme globally that has been established with the sole purpose to work collaboratively with lawyers, campaigners and scientists in this innovative field.

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About the Climate Law Database

The Climate Law Database was the world’s first website to provide information about climate litigation and legislation. It has provided a groundbreaking resource for people researching climate law, including academics, lawyers, students and members of the community. The database has been referred to in various publications, including leading academic journals and books.

The Climate Law Database promotes legal research and the dissemination of information across the globe. It aims to provide a comprehensive web database that organizes and disseminates topical information and legal analyses on climate change cases across the world. There are a number of key areas of climate law where there currently exists a gap in the resources available on these topics. One rapidly expanding area of climate law are the instruments and litigation developing around REDD+ particularly in the areas of safeguards, dispute resolution mechanisms and human rights.

The Climate Law Database forms part of a wider and global development of climate litigation. This Database forms a keystone of the work of the CJP by providing the principal outlet for dissemination and reception of innovative legal approaches to climate change.