United States: Montana Supreme Court denies petition to declare atmosphere ‘public trust’
17 June 2011 — Montana Supreme Court has denied a petition to declare that the atmosphere is a ‘public trust’ and that the state has a duty to protect and preserve the atmosphere. The court stated that it is ill-equipped to deal with the factual matters in the case.

Youth Sue the US Government to Halt Climate Change under Public Trust Doctrine
Youth have filed lawsuits against the US federal government and all 50 states to ensure a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to prevent climate catastrophe.

Tree hugger – Existing international law supports states suing one another over climate change damages

New era – Is international litigation possible to fight climate change?

Lexology – High stakes and embryonic law: FIELD paper analyses prospects for international climate change litigation

Ghana Business News – Developing countries can sue polluting nations

FIELD report says international litigation could break deadlock
The Foundation for International Law and Development (FIELD) has released a paper which states that international litigation could break the current deadlock in the climate negotiations.

Canada facing legal challenge for breaking federal global warming law

Canada wriggles off the hook for violating Kyoto law

Environmental Groups Take Legal Action to Enforce Endangered Species Act
9 January 2008 — The Center for Biological Diversity, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Greenpeace initiated legal action against the Bush administration today by submitting a formal notice of intent to sue the administration for missing the deadline to decide whether or not polar bears will be listed under the Endangered Species Act due to global warming. Today’s notice of intent to sue must be sent prior to filing a lawsuit in federal court.

HRL challenged over ‘clean coal’ claims
20 July 2007 — The Australian Climate Justice Program, with the support of Greenpeace, has lodged a complaint with the ACCC over HRL Limited’s use of the term ‘clean coal’ in relation to its proposed new brown coal-fired power plant in Victoria.

Shell Fails to Obey Court Order to Stop Nigeria Flaring, Again
May 2, 2007 – Friends of the Earth International calls on Shell to immediately respect a court order to stop gas flaring in Nigeria.

Landmark legal case: State of California sues automobile companies
Climate Justice Programme, 20 September 2006 – A landmark legal case asking for “monetary compensation” for climate change damage was filed today by the State of California against 6 major car companies.

World Heritage Committee Fails to Act
20 July 2006 – The Belize Institute of Environmental Law and Policy, Friends of the Earth International, the Climate Justice Programme and Greenpeace have reacted angrily today after the World Heritage Committee refused to take urgent action to protect some of the world’s finest sites from climate change.

ADVANCE NOTICE: World Heritage Group Must Protect Top Sites from Climate Change
Climate Justice Programme, 11 July 2006 – The World Heritage Committee, holding its annual meeting in Lithuania on July 8-16, is being urged by an international coalition of lawyers and environmentalists to back moves to protect some of the world’s most outstanding natural sites from climate change.

US Government to oppose World Heritage action on climate change
Climate Justice Programme, 15 March 2006 – The US Government is strongly opposing efforts by the United Nations to protect some of the most vulnerable World Heritage Sites from the impacts of climate change. The position of the USA, which was recently elected to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, has been severely criticised by campaigners.

Executive Director of ERA detained for two hours at Lagos airport
Climate Justice Programme, 08 July 2005 — Nnimmo Bassey, Executive Director of Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA), was detained and questioned for two hours at Lagos airport yesterday morning, while returning to Nigeria from the UK.

UNESCO: Sir Edmund Hillary’s Statement
Climate Justice Programme, 07 July 2005 — Sir Edmund Hillary expressed his support today for the danger-listing of Everest because of climate change. The danger-listing is one of three legal petitions, submitted to the World Heritage Committee last November, which countries will be asked to consider at the Committee meeting in Durban, South Africa, from 10-17 July.

Worldwide litigation highlighted at UN talks
Climate Justice Programme, 16 December 2004 — Climate liability and litigation in ten cases covering seven countries around the world is highlighted today at United Nations climate talks.

Human influence on climate change
Climate Justice Programme, 02 December 2004 — The Climate Justice Programme reacts to new research published today showing that scientists are more than 90% confident that human influence at least doubled the risk of last year’s European heatwave.

UNESCO danger-listing petitions presented
Climate Justice Programme, 17 November, 2004 — The impact of climate change on some of the world’s unique and irreplaceable areas will be highlighted tomorrow as petitions from three developing countries are handed in to the World Heritage Committee in Paris. The petitions ask the Committee urgently to place the Belize Barrier Reef, the Huarascán National Park (Peru) and the Sagarmatha National Park (Nepal) World Heritage Sites on the List of World Heritage in Danger as a result of climate change.

UNESCO and greenhouse gases: World Heritage Convention requires emission cuts
Climate Action Network Australia and the Climate Justice Programme, 29 September 2004 — A report published by leading international lawyers has concluded that legal obligations on countries under the UNESCO World Heritage
Convention require cuts to be made in greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas Flaring in Nigeria: Contempt of court proceedings against Shell
Climate Justice Programme, 16 December 2005 — Contempt of court proceedings began in the Federal High Court of Nigeria in Benin City today against The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (Shell) and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), for disobeying a court order last month to stop gas flaring in the Iwherekan community in Delta State

Court orders Nigerian gas flaring to stop
Climate Justice Programme, 14 November 2005 — In a historic judgment today, the Federal High Court of Nigeria has ordered that gas flaring must stop in a Niger Delta community as it violates guaranteed constitutional rights to life and dignity.

Legal action to stop Nigeria gas flaring
Climate Justice Programme, 20 June 2005 — Communities from across the Niger Delta have filed a case in the Federal High Court of Nigeria against the Shell, ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, TotalFinaElf and Agip joint venture companies, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, and the Nigerian government, to stop gas flaring.

German government sued over climate change
Germanwatch and BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany), 15 June 2004 — A legal challenge was launched today to force the German government to disclose the contribution to climate change made by projects supported by the German taxpayer through its export credit agency Euler Hermes AG (“Hermes”).

Groups petition to list Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park ‘in danger’
Climate Justice Programme, 16 February 2006 — Today, twelve conservation organizations from the United States and Canada petitioned the World Heritage Committee to list Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park on the List of World Heritage Sites in Danger due to impacts from climate change.

Coal Power Proponent Pulls Out of Legal Battle
Climate Action Network Australia/NSW Environmental Defenders’ Office, 08 September 2004 — In a significant setback to the coal power industry, the Redbank 2 legal challenge has been withdrawn. The decision by National Power, the proponent of the coal-tailings power station proposal, has effectively abandoned the project after 18 months of wrangling with environment groups and the NSW government.

U.S. Utilities Sued Over Climate Change
Climate Justice Programme, 21 July 2004 — The Climate Justice Programme welcomed the legal action launched today by eight U.S. States and New York City. Until huge cuts in greenhouse gas emissions are made, the world will see more of this kind of legal action and the U.S. States and New York City are to be congratulated for leading the way.

Exxon’s Contribution to Climate Change Calculated
Friends of the Earth International, 29 January 2004 — A study calculating the historic contribution of ExxonMobil to climate change since its early Standard Oil days has been published today. The study shows that since 1882 the operations of ExxonMobil and its predecessors and the burning of their products have caused about 5% of world carbon dioxide emissions.

States, Environmental Groups Challenge Bush on Global Warming
International Center for Technology Assessment, 23 October 2003 — Twelve US states, several cities, and over a dozen environmental groups today joined forces to challenge the Bush Administration’s continued failure to confront global warming. The plaintiffs are targeting the unprecedented ruling by the Environmental Protection Agency late last summer that summarily disavowed the agency’s longstanding jurisdiction under the Clean Air Act to regulate global warming emissions. The states, cities and groups challenged the EPA decision in the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Australian Climate Justice Program Launched
Climate Action Network Australia, 30 July 2003 — The Australian Climate Justice Program was launched today by the environmental group Climate Action Network Australia (CANA). Acting on CANA’s behalf, the law firm Maurice Blackburn Cashman (MBC) today notified the directors of selected Australian companies of the financial risks that climate change presents to their companies, and of their legal obligations to deal with those risks appropriately.

Climate Change Reaches the Courts
Climate Justice Programme, 14 July 2003 — An unprecedented alliance of 70 environmental organisations, lawyers, academics and individuals in 29 countries have today announced their backing for legal cases to combat climate change. Under the umbrella of the international and collaborative Climate Justice Programme, they want to see existing laws enforced to help present and future generations and hold the perpetrators of climate damage accountable and liable for the consequences of their actions. These cases have already started.

Climate change could be next legal battlefield
The Financial Times, 14 July 2003 — The newly formed Climate Justice Programme is a collaborative venture involving lawyers, scientists and more than 40 civil groups supporting the use of the law to combat climate change. It believes that international and domestic laws will be an effective weapon in forcing emission cuts and make perpetrators liable for the consequences of their actions.

Climate impacts of German export credits to be disclosed
Climate Justice Programme, 03 February 2006 — Following a key legal challenge to the secrecy of the German Economics Ministry, the climate change impacts
of German export credits will soon have to be disclosed. The legal challenge was brought by campaign groups Germanwatch and BUND/Friends of the Earth, Germany.