Do you have information about a climate change case, law or policy that you believe should be included on the Climate Law Database? We welcome your submissions for additions to our database.

Once we receive your submission, our team will review the material you have provided and conduct some our own independent research into the law, policy or case. We will be in touch with you to inform you of the outcome, and whether we have any further questions.

Criteria for cases, law and policy

The case, law or policy must deal with climate change either directly or indirectly. For example, a case may concern an environmental planning challenge to a coal mine, or a case about the health impacts of a coal mine on a surrounding community. Laws may include emissions reduction schemes; laws to prevent and reduce deforestation and land degradation; or feed-in tariffs that promote renewable energy.

We are particularly interested in receiving submissions that provide an innovative approach to the problems of fossil fuels, deforestation and land degradation.

How to submit a case, law or policy

Legal academics and practitioners

Legal academics and practitioners are encouraged to contact the CJP by email with information about cases, law or policy to be included in the Climate Law Database. We aim to develop long term working relationships between the Climate Law Database and universities for this purpose.

Law Students

Law students may provide information through a contact point such as a lecturer or professor at their relevant university. Law students are also able to undertake internships at the CJP, which are designed to assist law students of a diversity of backgrounds to contribute to the Climate Law Database over a defined period. 

Non-profit organisations

Information may be submitted by non-profit organisations directly to the CJP by email. This information will be checked for accuracy by the CJP Project Manager & Moderator. These quality control systems are designed to ensure that the information uploaded to the Database is accurate.